All my life I have been into DIY and home improvements  
fixing this & that around the house and garden.
Building workrooms, an extension and landscaping the
garden at home was the start for me.
Word seemed to get out about the work I had done at
home next friends, family and neighbours wanted odd
jobs done around their homes and gardens.
One job seemed to lead to another and due to my
reputation of good work at a fair price the jobs just kept
on coming in.

With over 25 years of fish keeping experience with
ponds, coldwater, tropical, brackish, temperate, marine
and reef tanks. Success in breeding fish ranging from
guppies right through to marine seahorses.

Qualifications in animal care and specialising in
microscopic disease identification only a handful of
people across the midlands have this ability.

Whether its just a clean needed for your goldfish bowl or
a complete reef tank relocation you can rest assured
your in experienced hands
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Quotations and pricing

All quotations are free.

We believe all of our jobs are unique and for that reason
each job is individually quoted and we never just use ball
park figures.

After the initial visit to see the work required we can then
work out a personalised quotation for you which will
include needed materials and total cost as well as our
labour fee`s.
Area`s we cover

At present most of our work is done in the
following area`s.

Sutton Coldfield

If you live outside of these areas please still get in touch
as we do not mind traveling further if needed.